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October 31, 2009

French Revue Des Modes

Michaela Kocianova in French Revue Des Modes Fall 2009

Credit: modelcouture

October 30, 2009

Nails of the Month: Backlog

I’m really lazy when it comes to posting pics from my camera. And that means not getting around to posting the last nail ideas from the previous couple months until now. hahaha well here it is. [And the reason the pics from August and September were so shitty is because I forgot that I had the macro on my camera turned off so it wasn’t taking close range shots.]




October 29, 2009

Inspiration Long Overdue

This is gonna be a HUGE post since it’s been like 2 and 1/2 weeks since I’ve posted inspiration. I’ve been a bit busy with classes and exams. Glad that’s pretty much over for the time being. So warning: uber image heavy.

Credits: Lookbook, The Sartorialist, altamira
October 25, 2009

Soft and Only, Lost and Lonely

So many nude editorials lately.  Or maybe I just feel that way cuz I just posted up one of Natasha Poly and then Eniko Mihalik comes out with one a couple days later.  Although undoubtedly sensual, I don’t find this one as moving as the Natasha Poly one.  I do quite like the very first photo as well as the black and white ones, but other than that, the others just…seem empty to me.  I don’t really know why that is exactly, but I wonder if I would feel that way if this one had come out first.  That aside, doesn’t she look a lot like Daria Werbowy?  Must be the eyes cuz they do bear a striking resemblence.
Eniko Mahalik in The Room #10, Soft and Only, Lost and Lonely

Credit: modelcouture

October 25, 2009

Anja & Sasha

I love Anj.  She is one of my favorite models. Add her and her boyfriend in a shoot and you get a smoking hot editorial.  There is no need to force the chemistry between the two of them.

Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic in the latest issue of Man About Town by Camilla Akrans:

Credit: modelcouture
October 25, 2009


Although the background is highly distracting and she has a tendency to strike the same pose for this particular editorial, there’s something spectacular about it.  The crazy clothes, the lack of pants (oh how Lady Gaga-like), and the similarities Raquel has to Jessica Rabbit…I can’t help but like it.  And also, would you look at the legs on the girl?!?!?!  Simply stunning.  No wonder McQueen’s making her his new muse.
Credit: modelcouture
October 21, 2009

d’Eté et de Poésie

This is beautiful.  I normally don’t like nude editorials but Natasha Poly is gorgeous in it, making it tasteful and natural.  There is just something so comfortable about her posing.   And this is artistry; not porn or nudity just for the sake of nudity.

Natasha Poly in Muse #19 fall/winter 2009, d’Eté et de Poésie

Credit: modelcouture

October 19, 2009

Wander Bird

Doesn’t she remind you of someone? A certain newly minted actress perhaps? She looks awfully similar to a certain Lily Cole (the red hair!  that baby face!), but she’s a newbie on the block I think. And she has an adorable gap.   So she’s like a hybrid of Lily Cole and Lara Stone.   She is Lindsay Wixson and hopefully she has the success of Lily and Lara.  But she’s just adorable, not to mention seems remarkably good at finding the light and switching up poses to keep things interesting.

Oh!  I just realized that she had opened for Prada and closed Miu Miu for Spring/Summer 2010.  How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

Lindsay Wixson in Lula #4 Fall/Winter, Wander Bird. (She does seem a bit birdlike hmm?)

Credit: modelcouture

October 19, 2009


Coco Rocha in Numero 107 October 2009, Riviera

Again, I give you my favorite model. She’s amazing, despite always having her mouth open in shots.  She always comes off strong and beautiful, dominating the shot without overwhelming the viewer.  The mark of a good model is the ability to capture the viewer and to make us see beyond the pretty face.  Also, who hasn’t seen her latest ad campaign for good friend Zac Posen?  Simply gorgeous.

Hmm it’s been a while since I’ve posted an editorial; I’ve been remiss.  However, I have been rather busy as of late with uni and all that jazz.  Hopefully it dies down a little so I can get back to properly blogging as opposed to surreptitiously blogging in moments of procrastination in between exams.

Credit: modelcouture

October 14, 2009


A bit late but oh well.

Credits: Lookbook, The Sartorialist, altamira,