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February 12, 2009


(my own humble photography. Don’t you love taking pics in the rain?)
I’m just discovering all sorts of cool things today. Ok I’m not exactly one who’s passionate about the environment (especially tree-hugging) but I do realize that we have to live on this planet for as long as we are able without completely wrecking it in the process. There’s little things we can do and this is pretty cool. Ecofont is a new (free!) font that can easily be installed on the computer that uses up to 20% less ink in printing while still being perfectly readable, and thus saving us a whole lot of cash since our ink cartridges last longer. As a student, I have to print out a shitload of labs and papers, which wastes enough paper already. And being the poor student that I am, I would like to spend less time at the office supply store to stock up on expensive ink. This is really cool and effient. Not to mention incredibly easy. So if you end up reading nothing else on this blog EVER, read this post at least. Cuz it’s something cool.