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February 8, 2009



Welcome to my blog, everyone. Comments welcome; just respect what I choose to bring to my blogspace. So, I almost have no idea what to do with this thing. I was originally just planning to post whatever caught my interest: fashion, writing, photography, music, my nails :)…whatever works. haha It’s odd that I’ve never been one for public exposure to the inner workings of my mind. However, I’m a writer and writers write to be read, if only by writer him/herself. Maybe a public forum is just what I need.

Soooo an explanation:

~My name: Multiple Fashion Disorder is a good way to describe my fashion sense considering I look completely different every day. Some of my friends don’t even recognize me occasionally when we switch from one day to another. hahaha It’s indicative of my style and need for constant change not only in fashion but other aspects of my life.