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December 7, 2012

Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

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“This is about the queen of fashion and the Queen of Scotland—who was also French, you know.” – Karl Lagerfeld

I don’t normally post pre-fall collections, but the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 collection was so fabulously on point for the season that I had to make a post on it. I find that my initial reactions to collections tend to dictate the coherence of the post, for better or worse, so you are forewarned. Gorgeous, dramatic, and romantic, all characteristics that greatly appeal to me in a collection. And while this is a collection intended for next fall, Karl Lagerfeld timed it perfectly to fit in wonderfully with upcoming the holiday season. Timing, after all, is everything.

There is a distinct lack of tweed and tartan plaid in my closet–two elements largely associated with Coco Chanel. I feel that one must have a certain gravitas to pull them off without feeling particularly stuff and old. That being said, there is a romanticism to this collection that I very thoroughly enjoyed. Karl Lagerfeld always effortlessly alludes to Chanel’s heritage, and pre-fall 2013 certainly remains on par. Moreover, I love the sense of history and dose of drama. Lagerfeld’s technique, of course, is superb, providing a haute couture element to pre-fall. Each piece is finished wonderfully with punctuated flourish. There are plenty of “Elizabethan-accented ruffled necklines, doublet corsets, and ballooning sleeves” intermixed with the classic Chanel suits and Scottish tartan kilts to satisfy consummate Chanel wearers and Elizabethan history buffs alike. This is a collection rich with Scottish heritage without literally getting lost in it. Karl is fantastic at taking an inspiration and rendering it effortlessly relevant, delivering both modern ease-of-wear and intricate craftsmanship. And of course, this collection is beautifully supplemented by the setting. Karl always masterfully sets the tone and mood for every collection, utterly enveloping his audience in his vision. Pre-Fall 2013 happens to be cast in the Scottish courtyard of Linlithgow Palace with snow magically falling just as the first girl walks out.

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Edit [4/20/2013]: See Trevor Undi’s gorgeous film about this collection

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