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March 30, 2013

Antonio Berardi Spring 2013

Antonio Berardi Spring 2013 31 close-upAntonio Berardi Spring 2013 21Antonio Berardi Spring 2013 23Antonio Berardi Spring 2013 01 close-up


There is intriguing multiplicity to Antonio Berardi’s spring collection.  With some clever layering and excellent cutting technique, Berardi manages to create something modern and architectural while heralding back to the structure of old school haute couture.  The functionality to his pieces is imaginative as it is practical. The use of UK primary school Aertex fabric is judiciously awesome, for one. Coupled with his flare for embellishment, he manages to stand out from the crowd with his take on sportif style.

I just love his eye for color; his blues are particularly gorgeous.  I found the idea of cascading sea blue beading climbing up the sleeves of a blazer seen in the very first look very lovely.  I feel that this collection evolves in a very natural manner: sea blue beading continues to a rich cobalt only to give way to a starker monochromatic palette that eventually transitions into soft lavender and army green before returning to his richly hued blues. Berardi’s Spring 2013 takes us on a thoughtful and modern journey, providing a cohesiveness that a surprising number of collections lack.  And more importantly, his silhouettes holds shape without feeling stiff.  There is a casualness to his formal wear that I really like, something that utterly befits our modern lifestyle.  The final product indicates that Antonio Berardi understands his audience well; he brings versatility and ingenuity to his collection without losing out on quality craftsmanship.  And although his pieces are easily translated to everyday life, they can hardly be deemed pedestrian.

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