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August 31, 2009


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August 28, 2009


Lara Stone looking near unrecognizable in Vogue Paris issue September 2009. But that’s the mark of a good model non?

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August 28, 2009

Personal Philosophies

As of late, the saying “better to get forgiveness than permission” has been resonating with me. Everything I do and every decision I make; it all comes back to that idea. I am at the age where nothing I do is met with approval and all the things I deem important are met with disdain and the distinct tinge of prejudice that is ageism. The concept of ageism is generally seen as bias against the old; however, it works both ways. It is in fact discrimination based on age whether that means because they are too young or too old. I am on the cusp of my teen years and am besieged with questions about my future. I love how I am expected to make the “right” decisions about it and yet seem too foolish to make even the simplest of decisions such as who I am friends with and what time I can hang out. Conflicts between staying true to myself and what my parents want of me are practically a daily ritual.

However, I am also at the age where I am young enough to want the world and too young to realize the improbability of it all. And that is precisely where greatness can be found. At this point in time, I have nothing to offer. No semblance of stability or certainty. Except perhaps a fine gloss of independence. I am getting to where I want to be and could probably offer someone a dose of idealism. Other than that, I can’t really offer anything of substance until I get “there.” That “there” is anyone’s guess at this point. While that doesn’t really settle well with me, I understand its necessity. I always thought that the chase was half the fun. Why should this be any different? I am chasing my dreams, whatever those may be. I have not failed; failing is when I cease to pursue it as someone recently pointed out to me. And that, I think, is a good policy to have. We are always changing. That I welcome–although that change may neither be easy nor without pain. So here’s to always seeking. Whether that be a better self or otherwise.

August 27, 2009

Inaugural Fashion’s Night Out (2009)

Oh I wish I were in NY on Sept. 10. *sigh* However I will promote this despite not being able to be there personally *pout*

August 25, 2009


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August 22, 2009

Summer Travels

Now that it’s August and everyone’s on vacation/heading back to college, what are the best beauty products to bring traveling? Especially with the TSA rules on liquids. What are the essentials? My personal list (since I’ll be heading off to Houston/New Orleans soon):
  1. Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Skin Tin SPF 20 in Natural: This stuff is amazing. A little bit goes a long way. It evens out my skin tone while balancing out the water levels in my face. It’s light and doesn’t clog my pores. Not to mention it feels wonderful when you put it on. If anything, foundation is always the one I shell out money for.
  2. Waterproof mascara. Go reference to my post of on mascara to find my favorites. I can shower, swim, sweat, etc. without it budging or burning my eyes. I can even sleep with it on without it irritating my eyes.
  3. Toner. While it’d be nice to tote around a little jar of it, that means I’d have to carry cotton balls as well. Not to mention it could possibly leak in my bag. So it’s better to go with a facial spray. I’m still debating whether to buy the Evian facial spray or the Claudalie Beauty Elixir. One one hand, the Evian is just water but it’s been getting rave review from day one. Not to mention it’s refreshing to have with you on a hot day and leaves your skin absolutely glowing. On the other, it’s still just mineral water. lol The Claudalie is actually a toner. I don’t know how much I like the smell though.
  4. Rosebud Salve. I use this stuff for practically everything. Lip Balm, dry cuticles, scaly skin, blemishes, cuts, rashes, and whole bunch of other ailments. Moreover if you have some hot pink lipstick, mix it with a little salve and you have instant cream blush.
  5. Other beauty needs include: an eyelash curler, a pack of pond’s daily wipes, Nivea SPF 30 lip balm, Bath&Body Works Menthal lipbalm, Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
August 22, 2009

Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane

Credit: Hedi Slimane
August 22, 2009

Pretty Persuasion

Freja Beha Erichsen in Pretty Persuasion for Vogue Russia

August 21, 2009


How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.
– Ronald Reagan
August 19, 2009



“On the way down I stopped in the fragrance room and sampled the Laguna Beach body mist. It smelled like Jolly Ranchers being breathed on my face by Hayden Panettiere. Here the store also sells its California fragrance, which is spritzed on the mannequins every hour; it’s a noxious concoction that, I assume, is distilled from mink sex glands and the tears of broken-hearted teenage girls.” —From Mike Albo’s brilliant review of the new Holister store, in The New York Times
Credit: Fashionista