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February 15, 2011

Carolina Herrera Fall 2011


From Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2011 Mood Board: “How to Stay Inspired: Ignore the question ‘What’s the point?’ Look at beautiful things.”

Love the mantra for the collection.  And yes, those Manolos are quite beautiful thank you very much.  But while her gowns are very very pretty, I feel that her collections are geared towards an older set.  Mainly for the “ladies who lunch” I guess.  In any case, her gowns and outerwear are absolutely beautiful.  Well-structured volume, highly sophisticated, and downright luxurious.  And I love the velvet accents to this season (especially on that first coat on Arizona Muse).  I think velvet is a highly underrated rich fabric.  I like the doses that Carolina provides in her collection with waist-defining ribbons and of course, those wonderful ribboned Manolos.  I can’t stop gushing over those shoes. They’re. Just. So. Gorgeous.  Oh I am such a shoe whore.  On that note, I should perhaps consider calling it a night before this further unravels into a shoe love post.

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March 2, 2009

Shoe Love

I’m having some serious shoe love lately. While I should be studying for my chem midterm tomorrow, I ended up finding a fabulous new site called StyleCaster. It’s like a social network, fashion blog, shopping haven, and trendspotter all in one. It’s pretty awesome. Anyway, under “Style and the Real Girl” there’s like trend reports for the current Spring 2009 collections. And there I found these fabulous shoes, which btw, are only $70 right now! Total steal! I feel like buying and snatching it up right now. They come in purple and black, but with purple being my new love, there is like no option. hahah Check it out at Dolce Vita.