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February 10, 2009


What is up with all the snow lately? Not only did it leave me stuck at home for 2 weeks over winter break, it is now attempting to dictate my outfit choices. I’m not exactly in the mood to feeling reasonable; I want the freedom to wear as ridiculous or fluffy clothes as ever. Fashion is outrageous and fabulous but this is seriously putting a damper on my spirits here. Considering UW campus isn’t exactly fashion-friendly already, adding snow and rain to the mix just makes it down right depressing. As much as I love my rain boots (the ONE compromise I made when going to UW), I don’t exactly want to wear them for the entire quarter.

Outfit today: French knee high combat boots, Candies’ short jean jacket, mini yellow dress, black leggings. Will post picture later.

Of course unless I want to freeze to death, I had to throw a coat on top of it. It’s lovely and all but causes everything go together oddly. *sigh*