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March 3, 2011

Not For Profit

“Thirsty for national profit, nations, and their systems of education, are heedlessly discarding skills that are needed to keep democracies alive.  If this trend continues, nations all over the world will soon be producing generations of useful machines, rather than complete citizens who can think for themselves, criticize tradition, and understand the significance of another person’s sufferings and achievements. ” – Martha Nussbaum in Not For Profit

Oh so very true.  It’s also as Cory Booker says “you cannot have a superior democracy with an inferior education.”  There is such a huge emphasis in gross profit security.  And many would and will sacrifice much in order to establish it.  Education, and moreover, learning should not be a sacrifice.  And yet it is.  Clearly we, as a society, should reassess just exactly what it is we value before carelessly eliminating concepts and programs without any regard to the consequences.