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April 26, 2010

The Bitch is Back

YES. Fuck yes.

February 9, 2009

Gossip Girl

How sad is it that there is no gossip girl for like a month? March 2nd really? What’s up with T.V. scheduling? I need my weekly dose of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. *sigh* This show is totally becoming a cult favorite. And a blogger’s paradise. hahaha Of course I am first to admit that I read the books, oh so long ago. They are a bit more….risque than the show; hilarious since there is such large moral outcry from parents already. They depicted an edgier Vanessa (making her much less hateable), ditzier Serena, bitchier Blair, doped-up Nate, and sadly, a grosser Chuck (blasphemy!) among other things. It was deliciously scandalous and slightly trashy. hahaha Of course the same could be said about the show, which is scandalous and equally fabulous in its own right.

By departing quite a bit from the book, it makes us fall in love with it anyway. Dorm common rooms are taken over every Monday at 8 PM by girls. Sucks for you boys who wanted to watch Monday night football back in Fall. This takes precedence darlings. Its outrageous storylines and over-the-top fashion is quite addicting has a lasting effect that goes beyond the 1 hour slot. Of course if you’re feeling deprived, the NY Times Reality Index is hilarious and quite enjoyable afterwards. Oh how I love you. It is a catty dissection of the ongoings of every episode. You can find a part of it on every Tuesday, where it has the link to the entire index at the NY Times online site.

I am now done with my rambling about my love for this show. hahaha