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November 30, 2009

Techie Makeup: The Face of the Future

Not only is apple hitting its stride with recent technological launches, it is setting out to cash in another lucrative industry: the beauty market.   Everyone knows that there are apps for practically everything, but this is really becoming a popular trend.  Women are downloading apps in order to experiment with make up without actually buying it (which can result in a score or just something delegated to the very bottom of one’s make up bag never to resurface again).  Not only that, there are beauty tips on-the-go as one browses through the gigantic array presented at Sephora, which helps make the search a little less daunting.  Famous names are adding to the list of apps all the time: Lancome, L’oreal Paris, Avon just to name a few.  Not only that, there’s apps to play with one’s features.  One can see how they’d appear with that certain nose job or collagen injection (ugh.  Not that I would ever advertise cosmetic surgery; however, I do realize it is still very much a part of our lives). Or the less drastic such as smokey eye or thicker eyebrows.  In this age of technology where most people seem permanently attached their blackberries, and iPhones, this isn’t really all that surprising.  So are you fascinated yet?

Here’s a NY times article on it.

February 11, 2009


If you are a college student like me, waiting for the bus is very common occurrence. And more often than not, the bus is either late or too early, but never ontime. You are left to stand there in cold while your bus is off somewhere else. Well a brilliant UW student has a solution. OneBusAway requires a cell phone and the bus stop number (which is conveniently posted on the actual stop schedule or roof of the bay). Dial 206-456-0609. A voice asks “Where’s your bus? Let’s found out.” You give your bus number and stop number and voila, it tells you schedule in real time. It’s like a bus schedule that works! And makes my life so much easier.

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