Jonathan Saunders

Oh Jonathan Saunders…you are probably one of the dearest designers for me. He was the one to make me rediscover London Fashion Week. He made me sit up and take notice even when I was feeling the malaise of the constant, seemingly endless stream of shows. Not to mention he always provided such a gorgeous escape from the tedium of daily life. He has such a brilliant brilliant eye for color and print. He delights in vivid art and lush color combinations. And when coupled with his beautiful craftsmanship, his collection was always one to watch out for. It stuns and revels in elevating the ordinary. There is something special about his work. A quality to it that is hard to capture.

So I leave you with one of my favorite collections of his: Fall 2012. Though, if I were to think about it, all of his collections are strong; I am partial to all to them in some way. Where he will go next, who knows. But, hopefully, he isn’t done designing quite just yet. He is one of the many who are stepping down in 2015, but definitely one of the saddest departures for me personally. He will be sorely missed.

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