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September 1, 2010


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Diana Dondoe by Sylvie Malfray for Elle Romania September 2010

While this isn’t terribly inspired or anything, I like it anyway.  Despite the generic posing and similar facial expression in every shot, I’m a sucker for a good smokey eye.  And this is smokey eye done right (ahem Taylor Momsen listen up).   Not to mention, I always love back (must be the wannabe New Yorker in me).  The photography is pretty; the shadows are nice.  Although, shot 3 makes her appear uber skinny which I hope is just a trick of the camera angle and not photoshop and/or reality.

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March 29, 2010

Sweet Surrender

The nude theme further prevails for Spring I see.  One thing I really love about this is that I can get a warrior vibe from this editorial.  I am a big fan of the ponytail braid ever since Blake Lively did it for the Emmy Awards.  The camel, tan, and sand tones fit right into the sandy cliffs in the background.  It’s interesting that she looks so fierce when she is essentially play in sand.  However, this isn’t any mud slinging enticingly dirty fantasy that guys have but perhaps a more spiritual one.  It’s almost as if she’s mediating a bit while immersing herself in the earth.  It’s a little weird and not something I totally get but I like it nonetheless.  Sometimes you don’t have to get it to enjoy the end result.

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