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April 18, 2011

Supersize Me

Credit: Mode Photography

Valerija Kelava & Chloe Memisevic by Craig McDean for Interview April 2011

So many epically dramatic shots…I had a difficult time choosing the one feature shot for this editorial.  For all the volume of the styling and the wildness of the hair, something about this still seems really well tailored.  Maybe not so much in a strict disciplined sense, but there’s still polish to this despite the flair of wild abandon.  Not to mention it takes good design technique for voluminous pieces not to overwhelm the frame of the body.   Moreover, there’s an off-kilter quirkiness to this editorial that I really really like.  From the stark stare to the gangly stride, there is most certainly something odd about it.  It should feel off-putting, but there’s an odd gracefulness to it all.  And there’s still this innate sense of cool throughout.  That quintessential visceral characteristic fashion so often strives to capture.

Fashion is frequently about exaggerated escapism.  This editorial gives me just that in the most delightful fashion.  Actually, this is what I love about Interview Magazine.  It presents this pop art quirkiness in a highly unique way.  Moreover, the photography is superb.  Craig McDean uses contrast to his advantage, making me really notice the texture of the shot [does that even makes sense?].  The black and white shots could feel classic with a muted softness; instead there’s a clean sharpness to some of the lines and an entirely modern feel (perhaps a bit futuristic as well) to the enlarged proportions.  Bravo to McDean for a really eye-catching piece.  And for making me remember my love for Interview Magazine.

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January 28, 2011

Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean for Interview February 2011

Oh so sorry but this must be done: *points while flailing* shoes shoes shoes shoes would you just look at those shoes?!?!!?!?  I cannot possibly love Balenciaga more than I do right now.  Thank you Nicolas Ghesquiere for giving me something I never even knew that I needed in my life. *_*

Now onto the rather calmer response.  I don’t care much for the chaotic styling and haphazard color scheme, but I do appreciate the sentiment.  Aymeline does emit a cool that’s needed to pull off the punk-themed aesthetic, but this editorial still feels a little one dimensional.  What made Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler so fucking epic for Spring 2011 was the duality that each collection had.  This presents all punk and barely any chic.  I guess I’m judging this a little harshly.  I always expect a lot from Interview Magazine.  With the precedent that it had set (thanks for that Bob Colacello), I should be expecting a lot.  I want it to thrill me and amaze me.  And while the pieces separately thrill me, I already fell in love with those during the collections.  I just wish this would give me something new to fall in love with as well.

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October 29, 2010

Seduce Me

Lara Stone by Craig McDean for Interview October 2010

Lara Stone seems to be a very popular model for Interview Magazine (usually shot by Mert & Marcus).  But I like this Craig McDean shoot more than any of her seductive–admittedly very kinky–editorials by Mert & Marcus.  They just seem too blatant and sexually saturated.  The subtly of the seduction in this impresses me a lot more than the overtly sexual clothing and busty posturing in the others.  The styling may not appear seductive, by it seduces me anyway.  The quality of the clothes seduce me.  The isolated shape to the clothes may be unusual, but the overall shape is very womanly.  And the slivers of skin peaking out between the thigh highs and skirt teases the view just enough to entice.  But what I really like is the look on Lara’s face throughout the editorial.  Lara has such an excellent grasp on who she is and that, to me, is extremely sexy.  And the shadows in the setting really set the tone.  So bravo to Lara and Craig McDean for going for something with a little more substance instead of catering to the shock and awe method.

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August 26, 2010

Coco Rocha by Craig McDean

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Coco Rocha by Craig McDean for W October 2006

Fun with colors!  Well this is certainly a switch up from what I normally see from Craig McDean.  This seems like a glorified beauty shoot to me; it’s all I really look at.  I love the lacquered red lip in the featured shot above while the double winged cat eye is certainly a switch up from the classic.  I love how each shot has a color theme and how everything correlates.

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June 9, 2010

Edita Vilkeviciute & Anna Maria Jagodzinska by Craig McDean

Edita Vilkeviciute & Anna Maria Jagodzinska by Craig McDean for W February 2009

Eerily fantastic.  There’s something morbid about this despite the lack of gory details.  I can feel an intensity about this that’s takes this to a whole new level.  The dilapidated romanticism of it adds to the haunted abandonment of it all.   There’s something ghostly about this.  I am so feeling all the eerie editorials lately.  Craig McDean is always fantastic.  He brings out the absolute best in his work.

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Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

April 23, 2010

Tough Ballerina

Absolutely bloody fantastic concept.  God.  I can tell that this post is just gonna be a whole bunch of happy babbling.  Because that really was my first reaction.  Of course, I’m extremely biased towards dance-themed editorials.  There’s just something about the blending of dance and fashion that excites me every single time.  There’s a fire in my blood for it and said editorial usually gains my instant adoration.  In this case, Interview is once again the culprit.  One thing that it does best is it’s ability to utterly capture pop culture in all its facets: dance, art, music, fashion, society. It manages to shock and thrill as it strives to showcase excellence.  Andy Warhol certainly had the right idea in creating it.  And it’s not fluff pop culture; it’s a pop culture before pop culture became convoluted with celebrity mayhem and superficial fame seekers.

Now onto the editorial.  Freja is her fantastically edgy self as always.  The styling is awesomely edged romantic with pastel frills and leather accents.  And how fantastic are the shoes with their vague semblance to ballet pointe?  And obviously any shoe that laces up the leg immediately has my love.   Overall it is an excellent shoot with an excellent model, photographer, stylist, make artist, style director etc. and excellent magazine to showcase it.  How can you not win with all that in your favor?  And most of all, it can instantly evoke something from the viewer.

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March 13, 2010

Glam and Sporty

Natasha Poly is seriously rocking some fierce face paint.  And colorful too!  The extended pigtail braids are inspired as well; not even remotely girlish or childish.  Of course it helps having those absolutely stunning cheek bones.  I also never thought that I’d see sneakers and mini cocktail dresses together.  Glam and sporty indeed.  It certainly makes for an interesting contrast and surprisingly works well together.

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