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January 28, 2011

Naty Chabanenko by Robert Hamada

Credit: Smile

Naty Chabanenko by Robert Hamada for Smug Magazine Issue No.3

Naty Chabanenko is stunning.  Honestly, that’s the only reason why I’m posting this shoot.  I had first noticed her in the Cushnie etc Ochs Spring 2011 Ad Campaign, and boy, do I love that attitude.  She intrigued me then, and she intrigues me now.  With this editorial, she presents softness with a dose of edginess.  Which is a contradiction.  I’m sure everyone knows by now how much I adore contradictions.  This may sound weird, but it’s in the slant of her eyes.  She has these big baby blues that could make her seem cute, but doesn’t.  Moreover, it’s the knowing look in her eye that gets me.  She conveys so much more than I expect.  Sorry.  This is a rather incoherent post on this; it’s a little difficult to articulate why I like her quite so much.  Perhaps it’s a visceral thing.

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