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February 12, 2012


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Marloes Horst by Will Davidson for Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012

Marloes looks absolutely gorgeous across this alight landscape.  Which is makes it funny that I choose to feature one of the black and white shots.  But that Haider Ackermann was just so perfectly suited to this.  I love how unexpectedly well-suited some of my favorite pieces (Haider Ackermann, Calvin Klein, The Row, and Tom Ford to name a few…) from the shows are to this golden cast savanna.   The styling is not typical “fashiony” safari either.  And while the texture can add edge to an otherwise fluid look, texture for this editorial provides depth and intriguing sophistication without losing any of  its serene insouciance.  The cream looks, in particular, have a lovely warmth to them when placed in this tawny backdrop.  And Marloes positively glows in this; her skin looks amazing against this golden terrain.  Her wispy soft curls are beautifully illuminated in the sunlight, adding to the dreamy romantic tone to this editorial.  I love the languid easy feel to this in general.  There is sort of sultry laziness about it that reminds me of an afternoon spent lounging in the heat of a summer’s day.  Something to make me long for summer for sure.

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June 14, 2010

Marloes Horst for Princesse Tam Tam Swimwear 2010

I haven’t posted an ad campaign in a very long time.  Sorry about that.  I’ve mainly been posting ediorials.  Anyway, I really like this campaign.  It’s perfect for summer as it captures many of my feelings on this season: playful, languid, and quirky.  What really impressed me is the photography; the very first shot (featured above) really caught my eye.  And the rest of the shoot kept my attention.  Normally campaigns want to show the model’s face as a focus point.  However, I like that Marloes’s hair obscures her face.  I feel that that makes the shot more powerful.  Also, the next couple shots are interesting.  Cute.  Especially the butt shot :P

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Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

March 29, 2010

Sweet Surrender

The nude theme further prevails for Spring I see.  One thing I really love about this is that I can get a warrior vibe from this editorial.  I am a big fan of the ponytail braid ever since Blake Lively did it for the Emmy Awards.  The camel, tan, and sand tones fit right into the sandy cliffs in the background.  It’s interesting that she looks so fierce when she is essentially play in sand.  However, this isn’t any mud slinging enticingly dirty fantasy that guys have but perhaps a more spiritual one.  It’s almost as if she’s mediating a bit while immersing herself in the earth.  It’s a little weird and not something I totally get but I like it nonetheless.  Sometimes you don’t have to get it to enjoy the end result.

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