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May 26, 2011

A Place in the Sun

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen by Hans Feurer for Vogue China June 2011

Wow it seems like Liu is in everything lately; she’s certainly taken this industry by storm (I’ve actually lost count of how many campaigns she’s landed and editorials she’s featured in).  Nonetheless, she looks lovely in this.  I like that while she’s not uberly pale (thank God for that), her hair is the only thing used to provide contrast in this shoot.  Normally people would use this as an opportunity to play with neon color-blocking for beauty (not that that isn’t fun…).  I like how natural she appears in this and that she emotes without any additional aid; it really reminds me of the excellent profile shot of her featured in the Asian Issue of V Magazine (#71).  Avant garde craziness has its place, but every once and a while, I like a little dose of natural beauty –something which Liu has in spades.

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May 18, 2011

Girls on Top

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen, Tao Okamoto, Shu Pei and Fei Fei Sun by Terry Tsiolis for V #71

While I am a little sad that Du Juan is not in this spread, this is still smoking hot.   I really really love the dramatic makeup.  The eyes are all fantastically done.  Moreover, I love the different feel that every shot has.  While the others are more pop-ish and perhaps occasionally a little sixties mod, the feature shot above feels a bit romantic seventies despite the baby doll lashes.  I love that these girls are part of a new brand of supers.  The concept of the super has changed a bit since the nineties.  While there is still the worry of a whitewashed fashion industry, I like the changes the industry has made.  For one, Asian models are a bit more prominent this season.  I feel that I see Liu Wen is everywhere.  Which is all well and lovely, but there are other great Asian models as well.  Tao Okamoto had a lovely little moment as well.  I think she single-handedly brought back the bowl cut when she debuted her new look on the runway.  Not to mention, I think Shu Pei is absolutely gorgeous.  She has a fantastically symmetrical face.  I kept going back to her during Fashion Month every single time.  Overall, I am very excited for this issue of V Magazine.  Asian feature + Gaga cover and inaugural Gaga article as well.

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April 16, 2011

Wild is the Wind

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Liu Wen by Mark Segal for Vogue China May 2011

I have never really appreciated Wild West style; that being said, I think that Liu looks absolutely darling in this editorial.  And I love that pieces I wouldn’t expect are being used in this.  Rodarte look 10 Spring 2011 is recreated entirely in the feature shot (shot 7) complete with those distinctive wood block shoes.  The earthiness of the wood print really suits the gritty nature of the western frontier.  And even the hawk seems fitting as the Mulleavy sisters were influenced by birds of prey for Spring 2010.  I normally associate Givenchy with punk tailoring, but somehow look 11 from Spring 2011 feels right at home as Liu sits perched on the hood of the car.  It adds a certain clean sophistication to the shot without making the style feel entirely removed from the overall mood.  Adding the Alexander McQueen piece in the title shot introduces Western fringe in a new light.  Look 16 from Spring 2011 is whimsical enough, but certainly not typical.  And while there are plenty  expected Western romanticism and Ralph Lauren fringe in this, I like how this editorial is broken up by the more avant garde.  Liu adds just the right amount of edge to carry this through.

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January 14, 2011

Classics Re-presented

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen in Chanel by Victor Demarchelier for Vogue China February 2011

Oh Chanel…Je t’adore.  While I don’t think her designs should ever be remastered (and I don’t like every shot), I do rather like this editorial.  Victor Demarchelier does a very decent job with this.  And he certainly has some big shoes to fill considering his father.  Really though, there’s something about Vogue China‘s studio shoots that I really like.  They are well canvased and intriguing to look at.  I particularly like the shadows cast in this studio shoot; they create really unusual silhouettes.  Not to mention, I will never tire of ladylike editorials.  Chanel’s designs are classic.  Liu Wen certainly does them justice; she comes across elegantly refined and charismatically cool.  And would you look at those cheekbones? Girl, those are stunning.

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October 23, 2010

Wild Dreams

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany November 2010

I’m sure everyone by now knows my dislike of loud prints, excessive volume, and hanging fringe, but I cannot help but like this piece.  Artistically and concept-wise, this editorial is amazing.  It is creative, bright, and wonderfully executed.  Liu’s posing is excellently complements the clothes, making for unusual–yet intriguing–shapes and beautiful artistry.  I love the contained craziness of it all, striking just the right tone.  Bright spots of orange and red give a vibrancy perfectly suited to the autumn season while the shaggy faux and fringe creatively layers add depth to the looks (with an added bonus of keeping one warm!).

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September 9, 2010

Angel and Devil

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen by Tiziano Magni for Numéro China September 2010

Liu Wen is on a role.  She landed Estee Lauder and is in many editorials in recent years.  I like the concept to this one.  There’s clearly a devil and clearly an angel feel to the respective shots.  The overexposure totally works with the angel shots; she looks ethereal and pure.   My favorite devil shot would be 11.  The dress is beautiful, and I love that she’s leaning forward.  The devil posing is badass.  This editorial is pure glamour.  The shadows in it are awesome.

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August 18, 2010

Dream Away

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Liu Wen by Paolo Roversi for Vogue China September 2010

Terribly glamorous.   And I love it.  While the ladylike styling has been a bit overdone this season, I love the shadows to this.  Liu Wen’s gorgeous; she’s absolutely flawless in this shoot.

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April 14, 2010

Dress for Success

With clothes like these you wouldn’t mind dressing for work.  They’re chic without going overboard showing that smart women know how to dress.  Although I don’t know if I could get away with that little black leather mini dress with the slit.  It’s a bit short for work.  I appreciate and love the balance that outfit has but it might not be appropriate for the corporate world.  But personally, I adore like every outfit.  I love the volume of the white button-up with the sand pencil skirt; so chic.  And the outfit by Celine? <3  So perfectly tailored and structured.  Phoebe Philo knows her stuff.

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