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August 3, 2011

Nowhere Else!

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Will Davidson for Russh #41

Boy do I love this girl.  She has the potential to be a real force in this industry.  Along with real charisma, she has a rather lovely and expressive face I find–really striking.  Moreover, I think that everything she does is fantastic.  This editorial no different.  It is full of flair and personality.  While she is excellent at giving avant garde edge, she appears perfectly at ease with charming playfulness as well.  I like the overall mood to this editorial.  The pieces chosen reflect that joyful fun quite well; they’re very nicely thought out.  Then again, I have always been a bit partial to a neutral palette.  The mix of feminine romanticism and tailored menswear is also lovely.  [I totally want those oxfords.]  Coupled with Will Davidson’s photography, this makes for an exceptionally lovely piece in general.   And a most excellent reflection of the summer/autumn transition period.

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June 5, 2011

Aymeline Valade by Hugh Lippe

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Hugh Lippe for The Journal S/S 2011

*Warning: Some nudity*

There is something Aymeline that I really really like.  She has this intensity about her that comes across so well in her work (whether in print work or on the runway).   Not to mention, I love the effortless cool that I feel from her.  She has great presence.  My eye is certainly drawn to her every time.   There is also this great sense of strength from her which occasionally makes you feel like she could totally kick your ass at any moment.  I like that too.  I am always a major sucker for a strong woman.  All and all, she is very striking.   And she brings all of that to this shoot, making for one very sexy result.

Normally, I hate blatantly “sexy” shoots where everything feels contrived.  But because I thought Aymeline was so excellent in this, I just couldn’t resist posting it.  For one, her gaze is super intense in this; she really pulls the viewer in, forcing you to take notice.  Moreover, she is full control in this.  She may have some bondage gear on, but it certainly doesn’t bind her in any way.  In fact, it almost feels like armor on her.  I love that her strength is immediately apparent.   There are also some pensive moments when she’s looking away.  I like how those shots can give me an entirely different mood without breaking the continuity of the editorial.  Fantastic as always Huge Lippe.

Striking features and a strong personality will hopefully allow her to go far.

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April 21, 2011


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Aymeline Valade, Anais Pouliot, Merethe Hopland, Josephine Skriver and Julia Saner by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany May 2011

Greg Kadel snaps five new rising stars in industry Haute Couture.   Personally, I found the black and white close-ups more impressive.  For one, it is a very a classic take by Kadel and perfect for young ingénues.  I felt that the couture sort of overwhelmed the newcomers; other than Aymeline’s, those shots felt poorly executed.  Take Merethe Hopland.  She has very strong features and had an excellent portrait series a while back, but her couture shot came across far too fake and made-up.  I wish Kadel had chosen a better one out of the roll.  That aside, these girls are some of my favorite newcomers to the scene.  [Does anyone else think that Josephine Skriver really resembles Rosie Tupper (an Australian newcomer) in her close-up?]  I am watching out for Aymeline in particularly.  She’s had some fantastic editorials as of late.  Not to mention, she was basically introduced by Alexander Wang.

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March 31, 2011

Flaunt It


[The close-up shots are from]

Aymeline Valade & Alla Kostromiceva by Josh Olins for i-D Spring 2011

Gotta love the drama of this editorial.  The statuesque Aymeline and Alla really work it out in Josh Olins’ gritty vision.  Each exudes strength and power along with a balletic grace.  I love the lines that Aymeline and Alla create; there’s an architecture (perhaps that isn’t quite the word I am looking for…) to this that I really enjoy.  This editorial weaves a fantasy in a different light–one without the glossy larger-than-life glamour normally seen in avant garde pieces.  I like that.  Without any flourishes to distract me, I can just take in the strength, beauty, and fluidity of her body.  The human body is majestic.  Just watching the effort of sinew and bone is fascinating.  The matte cloudy saturation to the shots also help.  But I must say, Aymeline truly shines in this.  My eye is drawn to her in every shot she’s in.  She is certainly a newcomer to watch.

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January 28, 2011

Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Craig McDean for Interview February 2011

Oh so sorry but this must be done: *points while flailing* shoes shoes shoes shoes would you just look at those shoes?!?!!?!?  I cannot possibly love Balenciaga more than I do right now.  Thank you Nicolas Ghesquiere for giving me something I never even knew that I needed in my life. *_*

Now onto the rather calmer response.  I don’t care much for the chaotic styling and haphazard color scheme, but I do appreciate the sentiment.  Aymeline does emit a cool that’s needed to pull off the punk-themed aesthetic, but this editorial still feels a little one dimensional.  What made Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler so fucking epic for Spring 2011 was the duality that each collection had.  This presents all punk and barely any chic.  I guess I’m judging this a little harshly.  I always expect a lot from Interview Magazine.  With the precedent that it had set (thanks for that Bob Colacello), I should be expecting a lot.  I want it to thrill me and amaze me.  And while the pieces separately thrill me, I already fell in love with those during the collections.  I just wish this would give me something new to fall in love with as well.

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