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May 11, 2011

Carmel, California

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Ashley Smith by Randall Mesdon for A Perfect Guide Spring/Summer 2011

Not really paying attention the style, but I love the photography.  There’s a softness about Ashley Smith in this shoot that I really like.  It’s not the most original or creative, but the Ashley’s profile is really well showcased in this.  I am such a sucker for pretty beaches and  classic black and white shots.

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February 20, 2011

Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ashley Smith by Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz for Dansk S/S 2011

Now that I have the little lull between New York and London, I thought I’d post some editorials.

I really like Ashley Smith.  Some say that she’s a just a lesser copy of Lara Stone, but I don’t feel that at all.  She has an entirely different vibe on her own.  Not to mention, she looks absolutely fabulous in these brilliant pops of color for spring.  And it could be the attitude, but she’s absolutely fierce in this.  Which is all the more apparent with the fairly simple concept.  She has like a cool seventies vibe going on.  This editorial feels very Prada-esque actually.  In any case, Ashley looks fabulous with that coral matte lip and easy feathered hair.

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September 25, 2010


Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ashley Smith by Will Davidson for Russh #36

Va-va-vooooom.  A lot of people call her the poor man’s Lara but I find that unfair.  I like her.  While she does have a curvy body atypical to the industry, a gap in her teeth, and blond her, she doesn’t remind me of Lara at all.  Her demeanor is different and gives off an entirely different feel to her editorials.  When Lara does sensual editorials that focus on her admittedly spectacular body, she totally owns it. She’s in your face in the best possible way.  Ashley’s a lot quieter.  She’s equal in confidence, but there’s a naiveté about her.  Perhaps it’s because she’s younger.  And even though she’s styled as a bombshell, I love how the military boots ground the looks.  Not to mention, I absolutely adore her cover.  It’s really what caught my eye about this issue of Russh.

Credit: Smile

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