The Row Spring 2013

The Row Spring 2013 09The Row Spring 2013 23


There is always a sort of serene grace to any The Row collection, a nonchalant kind of elegance that make its a perennial favorite of a certain type of woman.  Labelled “American folk minimalism” by the designers, this theme suits the line as a whole, especially considering the the personal style of the two in question.  While decidedly not bohemian, Spring 2013 has a poetic romanticism to it.  It is a collection rendered in creams, blushes, and ivories with the occasional black or red.  But even the deeper colors are quietly present, hardly disturbing the composed look son display.  The fabric choices deliberately play into the easy, chic tone: silk, crepe, and Japanese cotton crumply beautifully into loose, layered silhouettes.  I love the long, lean line they have created with draping and panelling.  The Olsens are refined designers, providing timeless, almost meandering glamour in a modern, fast-paced world.  They are uncompromising in their vision, refusing to produce trender pieces more geared towards their own age set.  Of course, this is only to be expected of a pair that just won the coveted CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award.  Their line is both tasteful and thoughtfully done, something that quite belies their age.

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