Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2013

Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2013 04Nariso Rodriguez Spring 2013 29 shoeNarciso Rodriguez Spring 2013 31Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2013 06 bag


Narciso Rodriguez also displays some lovely sheer silk panelling for spring.  His version, however, tended to manifest itself in little slip dresses and lingerie-style pieces.  Though largely monochromatic in his color palette, the black and white is punctuated with vivid jewel-tones, adding bright fuchsia and tangerine into the mix.  I love the insouciant tailoring on display with structured tuxedo jackets easily hanging over curved slip dresses and easy flowing tanks.  And while his is a rather one-noted affair of sheath and slip dresses, I don’t mind overly much.  A good number of these pieces can be easily translated for a night out.  Or rather, due to their ease of access, it would be better to lounge around in instead.  These sort of clean tailoring feels on point spring as it is uncomplicated and falls just right.  If anything else, at least this collection appears highly comfortable to actually wear.  That certainly cannot be said of most fashion, in spite that “ready-to-wear” title.

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