Marchesa Spring 2013

Marchesa Spring 2013 20Marchesa Spring 2013 32


While exquisitely embellished as always, I found Marchesa Spring 2013 far more temperate than I am used to expecting from Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig.  I have come to anticipate being transported to a romantic, highly wrought fantasy when viewing a Marchesa collection.  And though the Southeast Asian inspiration is evident rather than literal (for that I am grateful.  Nothing is quite as disappointing as seeing inspiration literally transplanted into a collection), the beading and embroidery technique is the most exciting aspect for me.  The overall look is feminine and certainly very pretty, but that is really the only feeling I draw from it.  The prerequisite silk, tulle, and gold lace are all there, but there is nothing inspired about this collection.  Perhaps I am being a bit harsh about what is, after all, a very elegantly put together collection.  It is rather difficult to sustain a hit with collection.  However, we have seen better from Chapman and Craig  I want to feel something beyond just “pretty” from a Marchesa collection.  And on that note, at least, it will make for a rather gorgeous set of prom dresses come spring.

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