Vera Wang Spring 2013

Vera Wang Spring 2013 14Vera Wang Spring 2013 34 JacVera Wang Spring 2013 10 shoeVera Wang Spring 2013 19


Say what you will about Vera wang being the reigning bridal gown queen, but she certainly does some exquisite detail work.  And before I say anything else, I must say this: I found this collection absolutely gorgeous.  I love how she has taken warm weather staples like bermuda shorts and summer dresses and given them a rather opulent makeover.  The idea of elevated sportswear is highly appealing to me where the silhouette is kept relatively simple while whimsical details sort of explode all over it.  The template provides a balanced foundation for such embellishment.  And more importantly, each look provides real world options without losing out on quality or craftsmanship.  Vera has provided a lovely sense of glamour to everyday dress in this collection.  The texture and fabric choices are divinely intricate with gold filigree lace and elaborate embroidery while the jewel-toned color scheme is equally as vibrant.  And of course, the shoes take the cake for me.  Fabulous nude wrap wedges that appear positively balletic?  How could I resist?

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