Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

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“Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t abut being naked” – Marc Jacobs

Over the years Marc Jacobs has somehow transformed into part of the fashion establishment without losing any ounce of his quirkiness.  For one, he has a remarkable mind for fashion history as he effortlessly switches from one era to the next.  And even more impressively, he does this without losing his own design voice in the process.  His astonishing talent allows him to take easily recognizable elements from a particular era and fashion them into a collection that feels new and, more importantly, decidedly his. And all throughout, Marc Jacobs never loses his sense of self, allowing him to drive his vision of exquisitely crafted clothes and archival history.

Spring 2013 pays tribute to sixties mod, easily evoking the world of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.  While the more obvious aspects can be seen in the winged cat-eye liner and and exaggerated eyelashes, classic black and white stripes are reworked into punctuated patterns that come across as distinctly modern.  Straight lines, midi skirts, and pants-less stripes feel effortlessly cool and energetically off-kilter.  It is hard to fully encompass the feel to this collection as so much of has to do with the initial visceral reaction to it.  I found the collection well-crafted, beautifully executed, and rather fantastical.  However, in an entirely way from the darkly romantic feel to, say, Alexander McQueen.  Marc Jacobs has always been a masterful showman; he is able to smoothly transport his audience into his world at every show.  And it has proven highly effective considering the number of looks that have transitioned onto the red carpet recently.

For a more comprehensive review of this show, please read Hamish Bowles’ take on it.  It is much more coherent.

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