Zac Posen Spring 2013

Zac Posen Spring 2013 34


Such pretty concoctions of organza, tulle, and chiffon…Zac Posen transports his audience to times of old where one would always have occasion that requires a fabulous ballgown.  Moreover, these particular ones are sure to produce a show-stopping entrance. I like that he brings this old school sort of glamour to modern day dress.  In doing so, he has reimagined ready-to-wear with larger than life looks befitting golden Hollywood.  And while I don’t have a current need for a ballgown, the kind of pomp and circumstance associated with that tradition is a bit missed in today’s society.  That magical feeling of glamour and luxury is recaptured with every swish of these rather voluminous bustles.  I do love a good display of dramatic opulence.  After all, when else can one wear something simply for the sake of feeling pretty?

Though Posen probably could have made more coherent looks by showcasing one fabulous detail in each, he throws it all in for a dazzling display of artistry and whimsy.  Restraint has never been a characteristic of his, and I do not see why he should start now.  Sometimes we need a collection that is pure fantasy, even better when that is backed by such clear enjoyment of design.  Although, I do believe that the corset could have been fitted to some of the models better.  Artistic whimsy is all good in well, but that should not cause a designer to lose sight of excellent fit.

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