Victoria Beckham Spring 2013

Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 06 close-upVictoria Beckham Spring 2013 12 clutchVictoria Beckham Spring 2013 20 close-upVictoria Beckham Spring 2013 19


“I always design what I want to wear, and I want to wear more than a dress.” – Victoria Beckham

I absolutely adore Victoria Beckham’s collection.  She always presents the most beautifully fitted clothes.  While renown for the body conscious sheath dress, Victoria Beckham has a decidedly flirty look for Spring 2013.  I love the introduction of the ever elegant white cotton blouse to her repertoire.  They are chicly paired with gorgeously cut coats and flirty little tennis skirts.  Not content to provide classically structured separates alone, Beckham infuses the collection with geometric eyelets and silk lace.  The signature sheath dresses are cut to reveal dainty lingerie and fine lace while adorably delicate brassieres appear beneath translucent silk.  And I love her take on the perforated trend with the graphic print eyelets making an appearance in intriguing places.  I even love deep orange making an appearance amid the generally neutral color palette.  It is a beautifully vibrant accent to an already lovely collection.  VB, as always, has crafted an innately chic collection of highly desirable pieces.

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