Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 29 detailAlexander McQueen Fall 2012 22 detailAlexander McQueen Fall 2012 30 detailAlexander McQueen Fall 2012 26 detail


“A kind of soft futurism. Not cold and structured, but optimistic and forward-looking.” – Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton just totally went to town with volume and feathers.  And I love it.  This collection is fabulously–crazily–dramatic.  Soft exploding tiers of organza, chiffon, and feathers are paired with futuristic visors and slick platinum blond wigs.  All with heel-less ankle boots made to match.  Nothing practical here, but man, what a delightful spectacle.  The movement of the pieces is glorious to watch as a 3-D petaled concoctions float by.  Absolutely riveting.  Moreover, I love the continuation of the theme from Spring 2012.  Voluminous scalloped waves call to mind the inside of an oyster surrounding a shiny pearl (or metallic bud in this case).

Burton is fantastic at introducing a beautiful femininity to McQueen’s legacy.  She has a remarkable ability to infuse drama with light.  I highly doubt that anyone but the house of Alexander McQueen could pull off a collection quite like this and make me like it nearly as much.  Showmanship and exquisite craftsmanship all rolled into one with this presentation full of lovely frothy blooms.  Utter insanity, but one I can definitely get behind.

Oh, and the set (as always) is lovely.  I adore the eclectic chandelier of naked lightbulbs.  Quirky, exposed, and excellently executed.  Something quite characteristic of a Alexander McQueen show.

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