Stella McCartney Fall 2012

Stella McCartney Fall 2012 08 Karlie KlossStella McCartney Fall 2012 15Stella McCartney Fall 2012 24Stella McCartney Fall 2012 32 detail


Though the takeaway look from this collection may be the bright blue lashes, I think Stella McCartney should be lauded for the beautifully put together pieces coming down that runway.  With a polished yet distinctly feminine silhouette, McCartney’s tailoring is on full display.  I especially love the color palette with royal blue becoming a delightful staple among tweed brown and clean neutrals.  And she provides wonderfully fitting suiting with sporty flare, something McCartney definitely has a knack for.  The shape may be simple yet stunningly high impact for some grownup glamour.  The textured miniskirts feel flirty without trying too hard while the forties-esque nipping at the waist feels fabulously on point.  Moreover, the entire collection is liberally dosed with romantic scroll leaf print embossed onto pieces, adding a baroque-style lavishness to everyday wear.  I thoroughly enjoyed this embellished take on an otherwise very grounded collection.  Oh, and I adore the contract between the white platform and black leather shoes.  So chic!

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3 Comments to “Stella McCartney Fall 2012”

  1. I have no idea how you keep up! Love your blog and commentary. :)

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