Balenciaga Fall 2012


Balenciaga, Inc. showcases Nicolas Ghesquière’s innovative and futuristic take on corporate dress.  And I love how his idea of everyday business wear involves neon panels folded over all-encompassing jackets and “pixilated graphic-patterned bustier dresses” (see Sarah Mower’s review). Boxy jackets with squared-off shoulders and sharp A-line skirts reveal Ghesquière’s extraordinary technique in cutting whereas his unique fabric choices lend a futuristic tone to the collection.  The depicted contours are reminiscent of the eighties power suits as the voluminous jackets fully envelop the wearer. Moreover, Ghesquière sculpts his pieces in a way that prevents the roomy silhouettes from becoming bulky or cumbersome. For all the complexity of Ghesquière’s fabric experiment, there is a fluidity to it that is really lovely to see. He has found a way to parse down complicated techniques into clean, elegant looks. And while I am not particularly fond of the sci-fi aesthetic, I can certainly appreciate Ghesquière’s talent for creating cutting-edge and intelligent collections.

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One Comment to “Balenciaga Fall 2012”

  1. I am curious to see what direction Balenciaga will go in now that Nicolas Ghesquière is leaving…

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