Bottega Veneta Fall 2012


After a rather intellectual but far removed discourse for Spring 2012, Maier is exactly on point for fall.  I had an immediate visceral reaction to Tomas Maier’s designs for Fall 2012.  There was an instantaneous sense of want for the vision Maier sent down the runway.  It is a little hard to deconstruct why I felt that way upon viewing this collection.  Even now, after months of being away from it, I pull up the images to review the collection and am immediately struck by that same sense of passion for it.  There is something innately confident about the Bottega Veneta woman this season–a possession of a powerful sense of self that is highly alluring.  Maier injects glamour and charisma into his darkly romantic designs, finding a way to combine chic practicality with dramatic flair.  While these two characteristics sound rather contradictory, each look is elegantly executed and superbly crafted.  More importantly, with each look sent down the runway, Maier further envelops his audience into his narrative.  Overall, this entire collection was absolutely riveting, evoking more emotion than I had ever expected.  And, that is precisely the beauty of Bottega Veneta Fall 2012.

Sarah Mower has a more coherent review of it at It would probably only get worse if I delved into individual pieces or references.

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