Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012

Credit: Vogue.com

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum.  While he has certainly brought Burberry into the modern era, sometimes he stretches it a little too far from the original Burberry aesthetic for my comfort.  Fortunately, this is certainly not the case with his Fall 2012 collection.  I adore the entire concept from the modern Victorian theme to the fantastic parade of umbrellas under Bailey’s own rain shower.  There is a wonderful sense of presentation to this collection in general; I love how this feels almost a bit like a tribute to Victorian era London and the heritage of Burberry.

While the extensive use of velvet could feel grandiose, there is nothing heavy about Bailey’s very autumn-esque looks.  In fact, I love how he has incorporated the luxurious fabric into his collection.  Peplum skirts in velvet, tweed, wool, and crocheted lace feel delightfully on point while the urchin caps add a cheekiness to the look.  And I love his version of the quilted down puffer coat as they are well controlled into pleasing silhouettes; moreover, this modern concept with seamlessly incorporated into the theme.  Bailey’s indulgences of whimsy are also adorably modern with embroidered owls onto white t-shirts pairs with the aforementioned peplum skirts.  Overall, this collection is ” brisk contemporary reworking of Christian Dior’s nip-waisted New Look silhouette” (from Hamish Bowles’ review).  I love how Bailey has married very traditional design concepts with his own contemporary vision, allowing for a very chic take on “Edwardian tweedy country elegance.”

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