Antonio Berardi Fall 2012


Antonio Berardi depicts a fall collection full of futuristic menswear and yet retains the elaborate femininity that Berardi is known for.  While Spring 2012 was full of artistic armored glamour, Fall 2012 has shifted to a more minimalist feel with its sleek lines and precise tailoring that belays the rather complex details.  I enjoy Antonio Berardi’s craftsmanship with his razor-sharp paneling and exact draping.  He demonstrates a strong vision though the dense embellishment and complex draping threaten to overwhelm the look at times.  His color scheme is particularly delightful with a chromatic palette punctuated with vibrant teal and coral.  I love how neutrals have played out in his collection: cream and gray are rendered sophisticated yet youthfully modern.  Moreover, the looks are topped off with some fantastic teal suede sandals.  And as we all know, I am always up for an excellent shoe.

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One Comment to “Antonio Berardi Fall 2012”

  1. thanks for posting again! What beautiful designs!!!

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