Marchesa Fall 2012


I hope that the day where I no longer sit in awe of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig’s work never comes.  Ever since its inception, Marchesa has been astonishing its audience with their beautifully-wrought creations.  The intricate and ethereal pieces are so gorgeously crafted that they hardly seem real.  Brocade, lace, and tulle are transformed into something else entirely as Chapman and Craig re-imagine William- Adolphe Bouguereau’s A Soul Brought to Heaven into breathtaking reality.  The models appear to be floating on a cloud of tulle and goose down feathers as they glide down the runway.  The amount of detail and necessary work accompanying it blows my mind sometimes.  I am riveted by the construction of every piece; of how shredded tulle and elaborate lace patterns can come together to become something rather unearthly.  The craftsmanship is exquisite.  And sweeping skirts and bejeweled embroidery certainly make for a high impact entrance, full of drama and opulence.

One would think that we would tire of Chapman and Craig’s intricately romantic vision by now, but how can anyone be tired of this?  They spin fairy-tale femininity into a thing of beauty. The true standouts, however, are the looks that developed from a more macabre influence–the human skeleton.  I love how Chapman and Craig have incorporated a delicate skeletal structure into the gowns.  The gilted vertebrae peeking out amidst the lace perfectly suits their aesthetic while the blood red tulle mimic muscle tissue in a darkly stunning way, putting a twist on an otherwise angelic collection.  Chapman and Craig’s celestial flight-of-fancy manifests in a spectacularly divine collection that shines far beyond fairy-tale daydreams.

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One Comment to “Marchesa Fall 2012”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. The detail is just exquisite. Very creative as well. Each outfit is truly a work of art.

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