Vera Wang Fall 2012


I loved how Gothic architecture plays out at Vera Wang Fall 2012.  Geometric print and architectural shapes are rendered dreamily romantic with Vera’s ethereal sheer layering.  The resulting sheared frills add intriguing facets to silkily for-fitting sheaths, casting whimsical little shadows about the piece.  It is almost like a ripple with the gathered fabric creating darker depth to an otherwise prettily flowing gown.  I like how Vera has liberally mixed heavy and light fabrics, presenting tailored fall pieces full of whimsy.  The mixed media comes across interesting without feeling mod; Vera never loses sight of her aesthetic in her exploration of textured femininity.  And the patterned fishnet fabric embedded amid the chiffon and silk feels enchanting rather than revealing: sensuality without being overexposed if you will.  Moreover, the color palette is absolutely lovely.  Vera has a gorgeous take on romantic neutrals, fiery oranges, and dreamy clouds of black.  She adjusts to the darker palette nicely, despite being more familiar with variations of ivory and cream.  Overall verdict?  Dreamy layers of silk and chiffon are an airy standout amid the essay on structured outerwear this season.

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