Marc Jacobs Fall 2012


Kooky nuts, but man, can Marc Jacobs put on a show.  After the restraint and maturity that he has displayed in the past few seasons, Marc completely switches gears with a playful and absolutely absurd collection of oversized outerwear and eclectic color, print, and texture, all topped off with fantastically outrageous fur hats.  This is what I’d imagine would happen if Dr. Seuss were to take over the runway.  And yet, for all the craziness, Marc does not substitute shock value and indulgence for excellent technique and quality.  Every look is meticulously crafted with some rather gorgeous tailoring.  And I quite enjoyed the collage of texture and riot of color although it is not my usual cup of tea because it was not haphazardly put together.  The theatricality of the collection does not overwhelm the viewer by trying to push too much into one look.  Is it over-the-top?  Certainly.  But there is an order to all the madness. Embedded, but definitely there.  Marc is always thoughtful in how he wishes to subvert commercial convention.

Moreover, the luxury of the fabrics used temper a bit of the absurdity.  Typically dense fabrics are rendered delightfully whimsical without losing any of their autumn practicality.  There is almost a childish glee to the embellishments as well: plenty of tinsel and shiny lamé to be found.  My personal favorites are the “glittery paisley-patterned jacquards” (Mower) with the textured skirts peeking out from the tailored wool coats.  And overall, I believe that there are plenty of unique (and well-crafted) individual pieces for a girl to pick out that would be well-suited to her own personal sense of style.  Functionality is all good and well, but sometimes, fashion is just about unabashed fun and pure creativity.  Qualities that Marc Jacobs has in spades.

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