The Row Fall 2012


Without fail, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have always managed to astonish with their incredibly sophisticated designs for The Row ever since its inception.  Considering the origins of the name to their haute couture line (Savile Row), it is hardly surprising that theirs is a dedication to gorgeously constructed tailoring.  And it has certainly lived up to its inspiration.

There is an incredible sense of luxury to every collection; more importantly, it showcases this without any sort of snobbery.  The thoughtfulness and quality is easily apparent with every line to every piece.  I feel that the Olsens did their homework in a sense and built the sense of luxury from ground up–starting with the fabric.  This allows for a delightful sense of decadence to permeate throughout the very aesthetic of The Row.  In fact, I am quite enamored with the clean lines and minimalist haute couture feel to their collections.  The classic nature to their designs have a timelessness that is hard to come by nowadays.  Moreover, they understand how to parse down something complex into a reality that is deceptively simple without “dumbing it down.”  Every piece has a quiet dignity about it and is impressively restrained while remaining utterly current.  And I love how they can add a bit of quirk to it without losing the elegance.  The spliced paneling and woven-in Lurex, for example, forces a viewer to take a closer look at intriguingly re-worked outerwear.

The Row is the epitome of ease, modern luxury, and quality in the realm of American design today.  Which is mightily impressive for a pair of 25-year-olds who have the additional obstacle of divorcing their line from their aura of celebrity.  I can only marvel at the beautifully constructed designs and fervently hope that the Olsens continue for a long time to come.

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