Victoria Beckham Fall 2012


I  love that Victoria Beckham is finally being acknowledged for her design work and not judged for who she is or who she’s married to.  Honestly, the amount of disdain that her name had garnered was incredibly ridiculous.  She rightfully warrants critical acclaim for her smart design choices and chic body-conscious pieces.  I love that she fully vouches for what she designs by actually wearing the looks from her the collection herself.  Moreover, I love that she appears to be obsessed with finding the perfect fit and relentlessly strives for high quality.  This perfectionist attitude results in some fantastically fitted looks that women look and feel good wearing which isn’t very common.  The streamlined silhouette always looks so elegant.

I think that she has a good awareness of her audience and a great eye for color-blocking.  This military-inspired collection not only has visibly high quality craftsmanship, but also has great commercial appeal without feeling mass-market.   The chic minimalist presentation has a very polished put-together air while small details like slit button sleeves and overlapping belts keep things interesting.  And of course, the tailoring is fantastic with sharply turned corners at the shoulders.  I love that she features the sophisticated looks with flat motorcycle boots. How fantastic are those?  The thick band around the top of them is fabulous.  For someone who is frequently seen in her beloved Christian Louboutins, there were a rather inspired choice.  They are such a great counterpoint to the tightly controlled silhouette.  And even though there are high heels in this collection, they are certainly wider than her normal stiletto.

The accompanying beauty for this is gorgeous.  I love the classic red lip and deep side part combination; the slick section in the front is a lovely little twist on it.

Top notch, Victoria Beckham.

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One Comment to “Victoria Beckham Fall 2012”

  1. I think this is very clean cut. Simple elegance with just enough little buckles. I also really like the boots!

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