L.A. Story

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Mini Anden by Koray Birand for Harper’s Bazaar Turkey February 2012

I adore Mini Anden.  I thought that she had stopped modelling in favor of acting and was very pleasantly surprised to find this editorial.  Despite the overexposed lighting to this, I like the pensive feel to it.  Mini displays poise and an almost untouchable sort of beauty here.  There is a quiet sort of elegance to this as well.  While the view is most certainly stunning from this open glass complex, Mini’s character isn’t really taking it in.  Instead, the viewer is privy to an internal moment of contemplation.  There is an intimacy to those moments that belay the perfectly polished beauty of this editorial.  Or perhaps I am reading a little too much into it.  Regardless, I am glad that Mini is still modelling and remains her ever-stunning self.

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2 Comments to “L.A. Story”

  1. Koray Birand. I didn’t know him before reading your post and I have to say it’s a beautiful surprise. I will add him to my list of favorite photographers. Turkey keeps showing an interesting growth, with a particular taste and atmosphere that reminds me of past trends in Europe and America. As a late but welcome arrival, Turkey is not just a follower embracing what others discarded for the sake of the always new-and-newer. This country has a sensitivity of its own, and an ingenuity that I sometimes miss in our over-sophisticated photographers. Even foreign stars performing for Turkish fashion magazines, seem to be absorbed by the magic spell of this land. It’s enough to look at the photo studio’s production founded by Norwegian photographer Ayten Alpun in Istanbul (she’s great!) Anyway, my compliments to photographer, model and to MFD for its always excellent work.


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