Sweet Thing

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Lindsey Wixson by Will Davidson for Muse Winter 2011

I really love Will Davidson’s work.  The light and texture to it make for some beautifully illuminated editorials.  And this has all the warmth of a sun-lit afternoon.  Lindsey was a good choice for this particular editorial as she adds a bit of whimsy to Davidson’s romantic tone.  However, as charming as she is, I don’t believe that I would have found this editorial nearly as intriguing it weren’t for the color-blocked looks.  The white sheath dresses are particularly eye-catching as they provide one long continuous line.  They add a bit of chic polish to the cutesy sort of pretty that Lindsey provides.  Moreover that berry shirt dress pops out of nowhere, providing a rich counterpoint to all the golden-cast neutrals.  I also love how Davidson uses the background to add a bit of depth to the shot, making the perspective a bit more unexpected.  And although Lindsey has a rather gorgeous close-up in shot 4, I wish that her others would be equally as strong.  The heavy-lidded gaze can only work so many times in the same editorial.  In any case, she is still a little green so she’ll have some time to work out those kinks.

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