Natasha Markova by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Certainly one of the fiercest portrait series for a new model that I’ve seen in a good long while.  I love how edgy Natasha comes across in this.  The almost hostile stare is rather haunting in some respects as the feeling lingers even after one has stopped viewing this series.  Especially the last shot with her smeared makeup; there is an intensity to it that I really like.  It is rare for new models to make an impression quite like that.  And I love the mix of seventies quirk and sixties punk vibe this has going on.  The Lennon-esque sunglasses were an awesome detail to add, shifting the grittier punk styling into something a little more unexpected.  I like when editorials can surprise me.  This series managed to do that right out the gate with its intensity and Natasha’s fierce attitude.  Also, I love the variety in the shots with the focus and texture shifting from shot to shot.  This feels more like an art installation than a standard editorial, making this a really great start for Natasha Markova.

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