The Making of Miranda Kerr

Credit: The Iconophile

 Miranda Kerr by Willy Vanderperre for Industrie Magazine #4

*Warning: There is plenty of nudity in this. As you can see from the feature shot.  If you don’t have the maturity, don’t look. That’s all there is to it.*

Miranda Kerr is gorgeously inhuman.  Even after having a natural birth, the baby weight seemed to have magically melted away.  At any rate, this is an absolutely stunning black and white editorial by Willy Vanderperre.  He really does take some gorgeous shots.  The shadows to this are really lovely, and I love the intriguing silhouettes showcased here.  And while this is an entirely nude editorial, there is nothing obscene about it.  Anyone who tries to interpret this as pornography is just being silly.  But I’ll get off of my soapbox about the interpretation of any sort of nudity in the United States now.  Read my thoughts on the Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar if you want more on that.

Actually, I didn’t find this sexual at all.  Obviously, a naked Miranda Kerr is plenty sensual, but rather than being “sexy,” I found her nudity reassuringly natural.  While she clearly has a healthy (and well deserved!) confidence about her body, the tone to this editorial radiates with innocence.  It could be her youthful wide-eyed look most of the time, but nothing in  this feels overtly sexual.  From an artistic standpoint, Miranda has some spectacular lines and curves to her body.  She has gorgeous arch to her back, allowing her to create the delightful pose above.  I find that it is the little things that I am attracted to: the arch of her foot in shot 6, the bend of her elbows in shot 2 (above), or the shadows contouring her cheekbones in shot 3.  Overall, this is very tastefully done.  As to be expected of Industrie  Magazine.

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