Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

Parties — Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

Credit: Vogue.com

By the very last show on Paris, all the shows start to blend together with very few individual houses standing out.  It takes something special in order to induce excitement from a crowd that is just longing for a break.  Luckily for us (and him), the imagination of Marc Jacobs always delights.  He cheekily toys with the idea of a fashion merry-go-round by unveiling a literal white carousel topped with a bevy of models.  Marc has always been a masterful showman, perfectly piecing together the looks before watching it all unfold to the wonderment of his audience.  I marvel at the seamless execution time and time again.

Astonishing set aside, this collection is oh so very Marc.  It is playfully ironic, very pretty, and beautifully crafted all in one.  I love his interpretation of exaggerated femininity.  The theme of eyelet daisies, tissue-thin organza layers, and a cotton candy-esque color palette should feel rather childish and sickeningly sweet, but instead, I find myself rather charmed by the entire collection.  This is a collection full of whimsy and charm that is fully backed up by an excellent technique.  Marc walks the balance of fantasy and practicality with masculine structure being transformed into a softer recreations of powder blue, butter yellow, and creamy toffee; they both suit the theme and provide a bit of structure to the airy organza.  Moreover, Spring 2012 retains much of the classic LV aesthetic with classic handbags and stilettos, maintaining the glamorous sixties jetset feel that I have come to associate with LV. Marc modernizes the LV brand without losing any of its foundation.  And I absolutely adore those cheeky LV logos parasols; that is one instance of logo branding that I am happy to carry around!

This is a rather sloppy review of LV.  Please read the ever excellent Hamish Bowles for a proper technical review.

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