I Live Where the Sky Ends

Credit: The Fashionisto

Matteo Martari & Simone Bredariol by Tomas Falmer for Attitude August 2010

This is certainly a poetic vision of a post-apocalyptic world with elegantly pitched pieces popping out amid the sandy terrain.  I love how fiercely gritty this feels in spite of the well-tailored styling.  While the black glittery sand certainly helps (his eyes look stunning with it on btw), the neutral color palette hardly feels classically minimalist; the sweeping lines to the pieces may indicate refined structure, but the variety to the texture of each look provides an added edginess to it.  I find the blend of indulgent luxury and rugged practicality intriguing as the models sort of bleed into the landscape at times.  The styling and the models themselves fit into the scene in a wonderfully blurred manner where the looks are not impeccably placed and immaculately kept.  It is almost like a sense of endless ombre where the sandy overtones accent the deep opaqueness (shot 13 displays this to great effect).  I gladly lose myself into the scenery of this one.

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