Lanvin Spring 2012


There is something intangibly wonderful about Lanvin with Alber at the helm.  He is constantly contemplating what the modern woman wants and needs in her wardrobe.  And no one can ground the romanticism of spring like Alber.  Amid all the froth, whimsy, and ethereal tulle, Alber sends a message of strength and power with an incredible intensity.  He never bothers with trends and is hardly content to settle into one theme (he certainly sends multiple notes down the runway).  Moreover, every season, without fail, Lanvin catches my attention amid a deluge of shows and looks because Alber never falters in the quality that he presents every season.  He crafts beautifully designed looks that are as luxurious as they are practical, providing a wonderful blend of style and substance.

In some ways, it is almost more about the mood and persona to the look than the design itself.  For one, Lanvin always has an incredible atmosphere.  But more significantly, Alber manages to embed his designs with modern polish and edge with utter confidence.  It is all about how a woman feels while wearing his clothes.  She exudes a confident strength and chic polish while the effortless fluidity prevents coming off too strict or structured.  As Sarah Mower puts it, “a no-nonsense Amazon of our times [strides] past, briefcase in hand and clad in dark tailoring with built-up shoulders, and a series of tight, sexy skirts; neat, short jackets; and pantsuits,” all ventilated with slashed seams.  Even with the structure and pronounced shoulders (which are an elegant throwback to the eighties by the way), Alber’s designs have a lovely femininity to them.  He has not lost sight of the drape dresses that he has helped turn into a particular signature of Lanvin’s.   A controlled explosion of tulle and silk, sheer and pleated, convey every type of drape dress imaginable that one could want.  There is plenty of pretty to accompany the power woman.

In a lot of ways, what Alber sends down seems contradictory and hodgepodge-like;  he readily shifts from one tone to the next with seemingly no transition (going from power suits to highly bejeweled silk minidresses to writhing python coil prints to fluttery sheer drape dresses), giving us an impressive total of 53 looks.  Yet, somehow, it all works.  He provides practically a complete cycle of what a woman could want for any occasion.  Moreover, there is an unmistakable modernity to every look and confidence to every persona, making this collection an undeniably desirable one for the modern woman.

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One Comment to “Lanvin Spring 2012”

  1. incredible collection, i love the simplicity and elegance of it!

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