Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2012


Standing out with her easy elegance and dynamic fluidity, Roksanda Ilincic’s spring is awash with bohemian romanticism and sophisticated tailoring.  The monochromatic color blocking is startling vibrant, lending a youthful air to the easy grace of her pieces.  I feel that her color choices are startling modern and an excellent wake-up call to end London.  Moreover, I love the touch of nineties allusion (for once!) with the loose knit beanies as it adds a bit of bohemian quirk to the otherwise polished looks.  There is an overall modernity to this collection that I like about this collection in general.  While structured, the silhouette does not feel strict, and the shape has a great dramatic dynamic to it.  I love how the volume is introduced in an unusual manner, gathering more often at the hip or in the sleeves.   And the way the dress falls is fantastically dramatic.  She has cut the dresses so that they fall with a fluid line, giving one long chic column of fabric.  So in the end, Roksanda Ilincic has presented us with dramatic minimalism, making quiet simplicity a striking standout.

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One Comment to “Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2012”

  1. GORGEOUS collection! love all the bright colours!

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