Acne Spring 2012


There is just something about Acne that is just so compelling.  Jonny Johansson has an appealing take on minimalist simplicity; his pieces always have great shape and volume.  Moreover, he likes to march to the beat of his own drum, providing an intriguing mix of styling and a fantastically rich (not to mention unusual) color palette.  Sharply cut pieces are shown in lime green, burnt orange, and warm pinking to a startling chic effect.  And it is most certainly a far cry from the skinny denim line Acne had started out as.  Acne in recent seasons has come across rather sophisticated while remaining grounded in the street style roots Johansson emerged from.  I love how he has juxtaposed edgy wrinkled leather and biker jackets with clean A-line skirts and well-tailored separates, blending the two into a fresh look.  I even enjoyed the ombre lowlights (although a little crazy and messy up close) that complemented each look.   They add a grittiness to sleek lines and classic tailoring.  Overall, his collection is both classically elegant and modern downtown as his playful experimentation is supported by his superb technique.

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