Marc Jacobs Spring 2012


[Yes yes very tragically behind. I know]

Ah the wonderful world of Marc Jacobs.  With his flair for theatrics, Marc has a true knack for putting on a production; he always tells the story of his collection just so.  And this spring, he delights us from the moment those gold lamé curtains part with what many have deemed Marc Jacobs: the Musical.  Having all the models onstage and already perfectly styled takes great forethought and is not without risk.  However, by doing so, the audience pulled into the world of Marc’s making (in all its Bob Fosse glory) before anyone even begins to walk.  Add in a Phillip Glass soundtrack chanting about Marc, and you lose yourself to the wonder of a Marc Jacobs collection.

Parties — Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

Far removed from his decadently tailored fall, Marc has returned to the sweetness of spring with his twist on twenties style with remixed cloche hats, drop-waist chemises, and shiny gingham prints.  He plays with our perception of what I take to be the 1920s housewife, turning loosely draped dresses and sweet gingham urban and edgy.  Moreover, Marc leads us in an adventure in fabric.  His entire collection gleams with an abundance of sequins, tinsel, taffeta, and cellophane organza.  Trust Marc to spin raffia in a whole new manner by shredding the cellophane and crafting it into the tiers of a pencil skirt.  Far from feeling too cute, Marc gives us something surprisingly sophisticated and fiercely fresh.  The silhouette remains elegant and beautifully tailored while his creative fabric choices make this sharply memorable –an electrifying and exquisite end to New York Fashion Week.

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