Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012

Credit: Vogue.com

 Drama, drama, and more drama. I love the direction that Oscar de la Renta has taken in recent seasons. Certainly this one will be the most memorable for me personally.  This is the most vibrant youthful collection that I have seen from him.  There is a joy and sunniness to this that I immediately liked.  While the elegant sophistication remains from seasons past, there is an unfettered exuberance (as Hamish Bowles would say) to the silhouette this spring that is wonderful to see.  Moreover, instead of waiting til the end to send out grand ballgowns, Oscar decides to open the show with a cascade of bright taffeta.  I love seeing the explosion of volume (which of course never gets out of hand) and the exaggerated proportions.  This volume is then balanced by cheeky cotton knit lace bodices which add a playful summer air to the gowns.  He continues along this vein by crafting luxurious sheath dresses out cotton lace and eye-popping colorful sundresses.  Likely sick of the sleek straightened tresses, the models had wild voluminous hair to accompany the pieces.   Overall, there is a romanticism to Oscara de la Renta without losing any of his practicality or abandoning his clientele.

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