Rodarte Spring 2012


 To be honest, I was a little let down with this collection.  After a dreamily romantic fall collection, this just simply cannot compare.  Even as it continues the romanticized concept of the golden wheat fields of the Great Plains from Fall 2011.  While I adored the gowns, I felt that some of the prints were too obviously digitalized.  Possibly it was done that way on purpose, but it sort of ruined the magical wonder of the look for me.  I started to ponder over the technique and construction rather than enjoy the piece as it is.  That being said, some of the looks I really really loved.  The Mulleavy sisters have a wonderful eye for detail, presenting fantastically fluted silhouettes with bright whimsical Van Gogh prints.  I have always loved the poetic disposition of the Mulleavy sisters; this collection hardly changes my mind.  And while I may have only loved a few pieces, they certainly know how to make me fall hard for them.

In general, I feel that Rodarte has a rather flower child-esque aesthetic.  Yet, they give us something more than just seventies romanticism.  There is a modern wholly all-encompassing appeal about their clothes where it can feel both edgily gothic, optimistically bright, and enchantingly fanciful.  All quite oddly mixed and contradictory concepts.  That type of versatility is rather remarkable considering how avant garde some of their designs can get.  But that is exactly what I love about it; the duality is very unique.  Moreover, there is a great sense of history to what Kate and Laura do.  They manage to evoke technique and style of famed couturiers like Dior or Lacroix while still having a voice of their own.  And, that is precisely why Rodarte will always be a brand to watch.

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