Marchesa Spring 2012


Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig shape tulle, silk, and chiffon like no other can.  With great intricacy and art to their design, they have managed to craft a breathtaking fairytale.  They weave this wondrous tale of epically grand opulence and whimsical grandeur.  Chapman and Craig never stray from their vision and style; honestly, they really have no need to.  I always eagerly anticipate where their imagination will take them next.  So bring on the pretty.

I always love the sense of old school glamour that Marchesa brings to the table.   Inspired by Ilya Repin’s 1876 painting Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom, Spring heralds ethereal hourglass silhouettes and elaborate crystal beading.  And while “restrained” would never be a characteristic that I would apply to Marchesa, there is a certain control amid the chaos.  Even when festooned with tulle and feathers, the dress never overwhelms the model.  Chapman and Craig are able to let their imagination run amok without ever going too far with their love of volume.  Beautiful collection as always, ladies.

Oh, and yay for Marchesa’s first runway show! I would love give a more coherent review, but I’ll just let the beautiful gowns speak for themselves.

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